Direct current

DC motor with closed-loop control

DC motors are used less and less often in today’s textile and carpet industry.

In the 1960s and 1970s, they were still a part of the success story of modern technology. The armature voltage of individual drives was ramped up by variable voltage transformers and rectifier sets, and the speed controlled by means of the field voltage.

The armature voltages of entire continuous systems were ramped up in parallel by means of a variable voltage transformer with downstream rectifier set.

Progress didn’t end there however, and the first DC converters were developed. The technology in its more advanced form even employed tachogenerator voltage feedback.

These DC converters were driven by application of a setpoint voltage of 0 – 10 V DC to ramp up the armature voltage. The tachogenerator then provided the “speed reached” feedback signal in the form of a DC voltage. However, this technology has now become increasingly uncommon, possibly because few control system designers are still familiar with it.

One company still conversant with the technology is Industrielle System Technik (IST). We are able to optimize your control system as described.

We can use our technology, which has been specially developed for the systems described above, to get your plant up and running again and producing your product. Should you at a later stage be interested in new technology employing frequency-controlled drives, we will be pleased to provide you with a quotation.

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We have developed special preparatory measures of our own such as initial fill, heating up and automatic disengagement function.

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