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NT24DC01 power supply unit

The quality and reliability of the NT24DC01 stabilized power supply unit ensure a high level of safety for the 10 V DC power supply in industrial applications.

The NT24DC01 power supply unit was developed specifically for the supply of power to the Inclinometer 1.0, which is used for dancer roll position control in the textile, carpet and paper machinery industries.

Its flexible input voltage from 12 to 30 V DC enables the NT24DC01 power supply to be used in any control cabinet. The fanless power supply unit occupies a small footprint on the DIN rail and offers protection against voltage fluctuations and other disturbances.

The NT24DC01 power supply unit considerably increases operational reliability and immunity to faults, and thus the availability of your system.

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Technical data

  • Input voltage12 – 30 V DC
  • Output voltage10 V DC
  • Output current1 A (short-circuit proof)
  • Dimensions (W×H×D)80 × 125 × 45 mm
  • Weight0.12 kg
  • Order number101.548