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Inclinometer 1.0

The inclinometer converts an angle of ± 45° (0 – 90°) to the vertical axis into a linear proportional voltage.

The housing of the inclinometer is manufactured from stainless steel (DIN X 12 CrNiS 18 8) and can be used in the following industries:

  • Photographic industry
  • Soap industry
  • Paints and dyes industry
  • Paper industry
  • Oil industry
  • Textile industry

The inclinometer is mounted directly on the centre of rotation (30/40 mm diameter shaft) and fixed with a recessed hexagon-head grub screw. It can be fitted without the use of a torque arm or other mechanical tools. The sensor cable is connected by means of spring-type terminals.

The sensor runs on ball bearings and is damped with silicone oil. It can be used in drive systems to detect the dancer roll position on textile, carpet and paper machines. Owing to its robust construction and full encapsulation, the inclinometer is completely maintenance-free and can therefore also be used without limitation in parts of an installation exposed to unfavourable ambient conditions.

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Technical data

  • Input voltageMax. 10 V DC
  • Output voltage2.5% of input voltage/10°
  • Angle range±45° (0 – 90°)
  • Input impedance15 kΩ ± 30% (25%)
  • Linearity2%
  • Tilt sensitivity0.01%
  • Operating temperature range-25 – +80 °C
  • Ingress protectionIP 65