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We are a skilled professional business, active in this field since 1998. We offer our customers a wide range of specialist control engineering services for new installations, conversions and modernization of textile plants, and in numerous other technical areas.

The following overview is intended to provide a glimpse of our range of services. Given their breadth however, it can reflect only a fraction of our activities.

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Direct current

DC motor with closed-loop control

Panel building

Switchgear cabinets are assembled by skilled experts in our workshop.

PLC programming

We use Siemens programmable logic controllers.

Process visualization

We produce custom solutions for process visualization tailored to your needs, from the operating panel to the industrial PC.


We commission electrical installations for our customers around the world.

Conversion and modernization

Are you planning to convert, extend and/or modernize your existing system?

Electrical planning

Wir erstellen Elektroschaltpl├Ąne nach DIN ISO und arbeiten mit E-Plan P8.