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NIVAM-24DC-01 level sensor module

The NIVAM-24DC-01 level sensor module was developed for the sensing of six different aqueous solution levels. Power to the sensors is supplied in the form of a 24 V AC voltage generated in the unit.

Instructions and descriptions

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Technical data

  • Supply voltage24 V DC ± 10%
  • Output voltage for level probes24 V AC (185 Hz)
  • Max. output current100 mA
  • Detectable liquid resistance at the sensor27 kΩ
  • Order number106.440
  • Weight0.26 kg
  • S1 to S96Six level sensors (min./max.) /GND
  • S11 to S166Six outputs (min./max.) for integration into the higher-level control system
  • S22 to S232Two 24 V AC outputs (short-circuit proof)
  • Dimensions80 × 125 × 54 mm