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Metering station

Continuous metering

An automated metering station is used for the continuous feed of chemicals for dyeing and finishing. Up to eight different chemicals are metered into a padding bath, dyeing machine, or bleaching bath (Flexnip) in a bleaching plant.

The metering station consists of two parts:

  • The control cabinet containing the entire control system
  • The stainless-steel stand housing the metering pumps, transducers and flow meters

Consult IST beforehand if you intend to process other products or select other processing data.

Should you already be using a metering station with an older control system that you would like to upgrade, we can offer you a quotation for a new control system.

We would be happy to discuss the exact specification of the technology and its scope with you.

Instructions and descriptions

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Technical data

  • Voltage3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / + – 2%
  • Frequency inverterSiemens / Lenze
  • PLCSiemens
  • Touch screenSiemens
  • Programming languageS7 / TIA
  • Circuit diagramE-Plan P8
  • Operating manualGerman/national language
  • Control labelsGerman/national language