Modernization of a Brückner stenter frame

13. July

Industrielle System Technik Michael Haasner (IST) modernized a Brückner textile stenter frame at Setex in Bocholt.

IST developed a new control concept employing the latest control technology for a new plant concept.

The existing drive technology used for transport of the fabric was replaced by new drive technology employing three-phase asynchronous gear motors. Cables were re-routed and the stenter frame completely rewired.

For width adjustment of the chain, a new gear motor with absolute encoder was fitted for each dryer compartment, enabling the chain to be adjusted in each compartment within a certain tolerance range with respect to the next compartment. Using a dedicated program for the width adjustment, written by IST, the machine operator can enter the total width on the touch screens at the entry and exit and adjust it automatically. Inclinometers were fitted to the existing dancer rolls for synchronization of the fabric transport drives. The tension on the dancer rolls can be set remotely from the touch screen.

The entire installation is controlled by a single employee from the 19" touch screen at the entry to the stenter frame: the speed of the system, pressure on the two Küsters S roll calenders, liquid levels in the padding baths, temperatures in the stenter frame, speed of the recirculating fan motors, width adjustment of the chain, recipe management, and much more. The new control tower at the entry to the stenter frame serves as a central control point for the machine operator, and provides a view of the entire plant. An additional camera at the exit and a monitor in the control tower provide the machine operator at all times with a view of the rewinder at the exit from the stenter frame.


Modernization of the Brückner stenter frame involved installation of the following hardware components:

Four PLC stations, three touch screens, 34 frequency converters, one monitor, eight control boxes and 7.2 metres of switchgear cabinet.

A Siemens control system and Profinet were used for automation.


Entry to the Brückner stenter frame before conversion


Entry to the Brückner stenter frame after conversion


IST offers you one-stop solutions employing the latest control technology for modernization (retrofitting) of textile stenter frames from any manufacturer (Krantz, Babcock, Artos, Famatex, Monforts, Brückner).

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